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Paraffin Wax Memphis


Hands and feet are the most important and most visible part of beauty next to the face and hair. The condition of hands and feet depends significantly on their mobility and the nature of routine work. Our everyday activities including washing up and gardening, sports or snowy cold weather can make the skin of hand and feet harder, cracked and dry. To avoid or to get rid of these problems and make the beauty of your hand and feet prominent, Paraffin Wax treatment is the solution.


Not to be confused with other common hair removal wax treatment, Paraffin wax treatment is intended to moisturize and soften the skin most often applied to hand and feet. The treatment improve blood circulation to the part where is applies, prevents moisture loss; make the skin smooth and soft providing glossy finish to skin.


The treatment includes dipping your hands and feet in melted paraffin wax (melted and warmed at low temperature) then wrapped in plastic, or other non-absorbent material for up to half an hour to soak in the layer of wax. Both the moisturizing properties of the paraffin and the heat help to soften and improve the skin all over hand and feet, especially in tough, calloused or cracked areas of the feet. The layer of wax is then become harden and can be pulled easily leaving the skin of your hand and feet silk and soft.


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