Waxing In Memphis


 Waxing is one of the most popular temporary hair removal treatments in the world performed professionally at Glamorous Beauty Spa  with our premium waxing products which has long-lasting effect and can be used to remove hair from almost any area of the body, including the feet, legs, arms, hand, abdomen, back, face and eyebrows.  Waxing allows removal of large amounts of hair at one time relatively quickly. Waxing is done using many ways including spreading hot or cold wax over the skin and removing hairs using porous strips.


Glamorous beauty spa is a relaxed, professional spot to have all your skin care needs and to meet your expectations with a friendly and calm atmosphere and reserved exclusively to a female clients. All of the basic and specialist waxing treatments are available at the Our Spa.


We provide best wax services in Memphis with a selection of premium medium temperature cream and hard waxes that are gentle to your skin and highly effective. Our amazing waxes will leave your skin feeling incomparably soft and supple.  Our technicians uses a high standard of hygiene and sanitary when it comes to waxing.